Bearing Induction Heater HI-1612


The induction heater for couplings and bearings BALTECH HI-1612 is a unique development that has no analogues in the world. It has two built-in magnetic inductors (yokes) in a single housing, which makes it possible to heat two parts simultaneously. This model can be used for serial production and conveyors, where the induction heating of two gears or bearings is required during the assembling. It can heat parts weighting up to 12 kg with a maximum outer diameter 210 mm. It has a power supply of 220V, replaceable fuse and low energy consumption, which makes this induction heater accessible for wide use.

The control panel of the induction heater displays a current (set) heating temperature, which is controlled by the temperature sensor - upon reaching the defined temperature the heater generates a signal and stops heating. Also, the induction heater can control the heating time and stops heating after a specified period of time. This can heat parts up to 250°C. The heating can be conducted both in a horizontal and vertical position. This allows to install 2 parts simultaneously and thus to save time required for repair of gears, electric motors, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model BALTECH HI-1612 (2 yokes)
Nominal power ,kVA 4,5
Voltage , V/Current,А 220/6
Frequency, Hz 50
Rotatable yoke Yes
Heated part
Maximum bearing weight, kg 30
Minimum inner diameter d, mm 14
Maximum outer diameter D, mm 180
W, mm 70
H, mm 100
Yoke dimensions
Yoke width, mm 10;14;20;30;40
Yoke length, mm 150
Control panel
Temperature setting, °С
Maximum temperature, °С
Automatic power reduction


Dimensions, mm 470х390х260
Heater weight (without yoke), kg 45