Bearing Induction Heater HI-1633


The BALTECH HI-1633 induction heater is a unique development which makes it possible to heat three parts simultaneously. This has three yokes and the induction heating can be conducted on one yoke, on two yokes or on three yokes simultaneously.

The number of the active yokes is set by the switch 1-2-3. The induction heating of bearings, half- couplings, rings and parts can be performed both horizontally and vertically. This will heat bearings and parts weighing up to 25 kg with a maximum diameter 480 mm.

Technical Specifications

Model BALTECH HI-1633 (3 yokes)
Nominal power , kVA 7,2
Voltage , V/Current,А 220/32
Frequency, Hz 50
Rotatable yoke Yes
Heated part
Maximum bearing weight, kg 100
Minimum inner diameter d, mm 20
Maximum outer diameter D, mm 350
W, mm 120
H, mm 165
Yoke dimensions
Yoke width, mm 14;20;30;45
Yoke length, mm 250
Control panel
Temperature setting, °С
Maximum temperature, °С
Automatic power reduction Yes
Dimensions, mm 1200х690х260
Heater weight (without yoke), kg 110