Five Station Wound Rotor Automatic Balancer

Five Station Wound Rotor Automatic Balancer


1. Automatic loading and unloading of the assembly line

2. Friendly human- machine interface

3. Wide range of product applications quick and easy product change

4. Rapid production beats a high reduction rate

5. Soft support high-precision balance measurement system

6. Independent research and development of software and hardware equipment can be personalized features

7. Widely uesd in all kinds of household applianceselectric toolsstarter motor rotor balance correctionproduct comes with automatic line in and out of the maerialthe degree of automation is extremely high

Technical Specifications

Technical data at a glance W5WX21
Max Weight of Workpiece (kg) 1.5
Max Diameter of Workpiece (mm) 30~60mm
Rotor Length (mm) ≤240mm
Rotor Lamination Thickness(mm) φ20~60mm
Balancing Speed (r/min) 800~1200rpm
Balancing Motor Power (kw) 0.4 KW Servo Motor
Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount ( ≤0.2
Testing Time (second) ~9s
Reduction Rate of Unbalance ≥90%
Working Pressure (MPa) 0.45-0.6
Air Consumption ~40L/min
Operating Voltage (V) AC: 380V 3 Phase/50Hz
Drilling Power (kw) 0.75*2
Total Power (kw) ~8.9
Protection Phase Sequence Protection, Overload Protection, Air Pressure Monitoring