Motor Assembly Automatic Balancing Machines

Motor Assembly Automatic Balancing Machines


1. Fully considering the balance precision of the whole components.the auatomatic series balancers can effectively eliminate the vibration caused by the bearing parts and other assembly errors

2. Specially designed hard bearing bracket can expand the measuring range and reduce the failure rate

3. Customized special fixturesdue to the use of fasr chuck fasreningcan be perfectly applied to the assembly dynamic balance

4. Rapid detection and measuring systemwith high precision automatic de-weight mechanismcan be highly done products testing and de-weight efficiently

Technical Specifications

Weight of Rotor(kg) 5-50
Diameter of Support Shaft (mm) 80-120
Milling Cutter Diameter (mm) 100-150
Milling Cutter Thickness (mm) 25-40
Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount (emar) <5g· mm/kg
Unbalance Reduction Rate by One Time >90%
Special rotor need to be confirmed with engineer
Processing period:35s (it will change accoring to weight.material.dimension)
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