Wireless Accelerometer

Our Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer is a vibration sensor exceptionally intended for Vibration Analysis with all Universal compatibility. WiSER 3x is a WIFI accelerometer that sends 3 Axis vibration data + 1 additional channel simultaneously to any data collector in the market Additionally, WiSER 3x is a wireless ultra-low noise accelerometer with 15 kHz bandwidth that exceeds the characteristics above all of most conventional accelerometers.

More than 1 Million Resolution Lines

Our 3 axis accelerometer sends data in real time with a maximum delay of 0.2 seconds. Thus, allowing resolutions of more than 1 million lines as well as recordings of several continuous hours.

Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer
Triaxial Wireless Accelerometers

Analyze Vibrations with your Cellphone!

Our triaxial wireless sensor is able to connect to iOS and Windows devices. You can make recordings and FFT analysis on 4 simultaneous channels with our vibration analysis app WiSER Vibe. Furthermore, connect your WiSER 3x directly via WiFi, it requires NO receiver!

Avoid unnecessary cables and carry your WiSER 3x in your pocket. The connectivity of your cell phone will allow you to send the data to the cloud immediately without even having to connect any cable to your computer.

Dynamic Balancing in the palm of your hands!

Using our free app WiSER Balance, you can do dynamic balancing in situ. Perform multiplane balancing with WiSER 3x. So just pair it and go, truly fast balancings!

Just attach a laser sensor to your Wireless Accelerometer and pair it with your mobile phone for balancing. You will find that it is safer, more comfortable and of course, much faster. When you are done, share the files with your computer for reporting.

WiSER 3X Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer
Wireless Accelerometer

Fast Data Collection Mode

WiSER 3x will measure Acceleration, Speed, Displacement and Envelope of acceleration in a single recording. No need for independent captures.

The power button is also used to start or stop a capture. Thus, you will not lose time having to release the accelerometer every time you record a new point. This is especially useful when collecting routes.

Anywhere, Anytime… Share Your Data

You have the freedom to manage your data. Feel free to share your measurements through the cloud EIAnalytic.com or by email, granting a deeper experience analysis with DigivibeMX.

Visualize spectra and signals over time in the mobile phone. Also, the recorded data can be sent by email for later analysis and reporting with DigivibeMX software. This way, we do not leave aside our responsibility as vibration analysts while we balance.

Wireless Accelerometers
Portable Wireless Accelerometer

Portable Wireless Accelerometer

Just place it and go! Take your wireless sensor, put it at the measuring point and then press button to start a measure. With this in mind you will get multiple measurements in just few minutes!

Multi-platform Wireless Accelerometer

All in just one place. Tablet, Laptop, or Mobile… You choose the partform. Use WiSER 3x with DigivibeMX software.

DigivibeMX allows users to complete analysis on all types of rotating machinery with tools like:

Multi-platform Wireless Accelerometer

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity (X, Y, Z) 100 mV/g
Sample Frequency 48 kHz / 24 bits
Dynamic Range 20G
Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 0.32 - 10kHz
Battery type (x2) CR123
Time of Continuous use 8 hours
Operation Distance 30 m
Operation Temperature -10 oC to 65 oC
Storage Temperature -40 oC to 85 oC
IP Grade IP67
Materials Nylon & Stainless Steel
Weight 300 gramos
Dimensions (LxD) 90 x 49 mm
5-pin LEMO Connector 4rth Accelerometer /Tachometer/ Charge port
Compatible Software DigivibeMX, WiSER VIBE, WiSER BALANCE
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