Bluetooth Vibration Sensors / Bluetooth Accelerometers

What is a Bluetooth Vibration Sensor?

A Bluetooth Vibration Sensor is an Accelerometer capable of recording vibration data and transfer it to a receiver using Bluetooth standard protocol. These sensors usually integrate an accelerometer and a bluetooth transmitter to establish wireless connectivity. Hence having the capability to connect via peer to peer or mesh network.

Bluetooth Vibration Sensors are used today for multiple purposes, being online Condition Monitoring the most important one. Bluetooth 5.0 mesh network technology allows to easily build big networks of sensors.

Additionally, the capability of Modbus Communication is an excellent feature that allows automation to be integrated to the condition monitoring at the same time.

Bluetooth Vibration Sensor – High Range

Vibration Sensor – High Range

The Bluetooth Accelerometer Phantom EPH-V11 is a wireless vibration sensor designed for permanent mounting. Phantom records vibration FFT from 3 axes simultaneously X, Y and Z. In addition, it includes a battery with duration of 2 to 5 years that can be changed at the end of its useful life.

Bluetooth ICP Accelerometer – Biaxial – Ultra Low Noise

ICP Accelerometer – Biaxial – Ultra Low Noise

Phantom EPH-V12 sensor is an ultra-low noise Biaxial (2-Axis) wireless Bluetooth Accelerometer for permanent mounting. This sensor incorporates 2 standard ICP accelerometers. Hence, this bluetooth accelerometer was designed for low speed machinery. The EPH-V12 model also includes...

Bluetooth Vibration Sensor – High Sensitivity

Vibration Sensor – High Sensitivity

Bluetooth Accelerometer Phantom EPH-V10 is a wireless vibration sensor designed for permanent mounting. Phantom records vibration FFT from 3 axes simultaneously X, Y and Z. In addition, it includes a battery with duration of 2 to 5 years that can be changed at the end of its useful life.

Bluetooth Vibration Sensor – High Range

Portable Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer – WiSER 3X

The WiSER 3X wireless triaxial accelerometer also has the WiSER Vibe and Digivibe application compatibility. It is the latest generation of wireless accelerometers, capable of sending 4 vibration channels in real time for X, Y and Z axes as well as an additional reference channel for phase comparison. In addition to being ultra-portable, WiSER 3X incorporates start and stop functionality in the same power button, to save valuable time during data collection.

Portable Wireless Accelerometer – WiSER

Portable Wireless Accelerometer – WiSER

WiSER is a wireless accelerometer and vibration analyzer based on iOS mobile devices. This vibration analyzer is ultra-portable, literally pocket-sized, and on the other hand, with the capability of an advanced analyzer. WiSER Vibe application is able to save the data on the mobile device, as well as export it to the cloud. In fact, the data registered by WiSER Vibe can be viewed with Digivibe with 100% compatibility.

Bluetooth Temperature Sensor – Thermocouple

Temperature Sensor – Thermocouple

The Phantom temperature Analyzer is designed for long term exposure to your machines and surfaces. Phantom temperature sensor can record accurately from -210ºC up to 1,800ºC. As every other phantom, it includes a battery with an estimated life of 2 to 5 years.

Bluetooth Vibration Sensor – High Range

Temperature Sensor – Non-Contact

This Bluetooth Temperature sensor embeds an IR sensor and brings you the commodity of technology: no wires. The sensor can read temperature with a distance of 1 meter using a high technology thermo receptor with an amazing accuracy. His battery last as long as any other Phantom sensor and can be easily replaced if needed.

Portable Wireless Accelerometer – WiSER

Speed Sensor – RPM

This Bluetooth Speed sensor uses a Hall effect switch and a neodymium magnet, all included in the kit. You can easily analyze the revolutions per minute of any rotor, turbine or vent with incredible precision.

Bluetooth Temperature Sensor – Thermocouple

Bluetooth Current Sensor

EPH-C30 is a 3 channels Bluetooth Current Sensor (Amperage) which uses a simple installation to easily monitor the electrical current of your machines and devices. From 1 to 500 AMP our sensors can measure with precision the power consumption of your electric devices. Each sensor includes 3 simultaneous channels to measure each phase.

Bluetooth General Purpose Sensor

General Purpose Sensor

Use it with Any Available Sensor in the Market !! – The general purpose wireless sensors are able to monitor virtually any type of signal and is compatible with other kind of sensors including: Displacement, speed and proximity. All our General Purpose wireless sensors come with the capability to collect up to 2 channels.

Bluetooth 4-20 mA Sensor

General Purpose 4-20 mA Sensor

EPH-G61 is a 4-20 mA sensors to Bluetooth converter. EPH-G61 features an upgraded version with 24 bits and 4-20 mA input interfaces. This means that you can use any other sensor that can provide a 4-20 signal to implement your data into an integrated wireless system.

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