Dynamic Balancing Services

Dynamic balancing services is a way of balancing machines by rotating parts quickly and measuring the imbalance. The imbalance measured can then be corrected by adding or removing weight from the rotating parts until the vibration is reduced.

Basically, all machines have some form of residual vibration. Enormous vibration in rotating machinery can cause high levels of noise and more importantly, significantly reduce the life of components. So, the ideal thing to do would be to remove all causes of vibration and allow the machine to run completely smooth. The process of balancing is the removal or addition of weight to the device, so that this effective mass centre approaches the true axis.

In addition to dynamic balance, there is also static balance. When a part is statically balanced, the centre of gravity is on the axis of the rotation. This means the part will stay stationary at a horizontal axis, without the application of braking force. It also has no tendency to rotate due to the force of the gravity.

ROKADE Group offers In House Dynamic Balancing Services for all the rotating components having

We have decades of experience and have balanced a diverse range of rotating items in this time, including rotors, impellers, shafts and fans.

As a leading balancing service provider we are here to partner with you for all your balancing requirements. Whether you are a repair shop who has an occasional 1-off part that needs balancing or a manufacturing company requiring production balancing, our team of experienced balancing technicians are here to provide you with the highest quality precision balancing service. For those who need a fast turnaround, our emergency balancing service ensures we can turn your job around in your desired time frame.

Dynamic Balancing Services


Dynamic Balancing Services

We have installed world renowned SCHENCK Dynamic Balancing Machines with up-dated technology.

Our Balancing capacity is from 0.500 Kg. to 30 Tons, on different Models of SCHENCK Machines.

This enables us to service varied Balancing needs of our Customers.

All balancing is performed to the industry ISO standard for Dynamic Balancing services and application, part supplied.

ISO 1940/1 for Dynamic Balancing Services G1, G2.5, G6.3 as per the Job application and customer requirement.

After the job is completed, we will deliver all items back to you, with the addition of a balancing certificate highlighting the initial and residual out of balance readings.

We provide Dynamic Balancing Services to various Industrial Sectors. These services are availed by OEM (Mass / Bulk Production), Process Plants, Engineering Workshops etc.

We perform Low Speed, Critical Speed & Rated Speed Dynamic Balancing Services as per the Job and Customer requirements resulting into reduction of vibration after assembly below the permissible limits and increasing the overall machine life.

Inhouse Dynamic Balancing Services

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