Gearbox Oil Analysis Services

Oil analysis can be an extremely viable means for preventing gearbox failure, reducing downtime and controlling maintenance costs in both industrial and heavy duty applications. Gearboxes are often critical to production in any application and can prove very costly in the event of unplanned downtime and the associated losses in productivity. Implementing a routine oil analysis program to monitor gearbox wear and contamination can prove to be an extremely viable means for preventing gearbox failure, reducing downtime and controlling maintenance costs. Although these systems are typically thought to be capable of enduring higher concentrations of wear and contamination than turbines or hydraulic systems, the bearings are not. The wearing of metal surfaces, caused by various forms of contamination, can cause bearing failure, which can adversely affect gear shaft alignment and eventually cause the entire gear system to fail. The most significant differences are in testing industrial gearbox oils for viscosity at 40°C and Total Acid Number vs. viscosity at 100°C and Total Base Number in heavy duty applications. To determine the presence of wear debris and to identify the type of wear occurring, testing should include Particle Count and Direct Read Ferrography as well as Analytical Ferrography to qualify the type of wear and its possible sources.

Routine testing of diesel fuel for long term storage can help predict the product’s remaining life. Periodic sampling and analysis provides the means by which important decisions are made regarding your aged fuel, its storage, and its suitability for continued use. Testing can also confirm whether fuel is suitable for cold weather service. We offer various levels of testing for diesel fuel that range from verification of fuel quality to troubleshooting fuel problems, such as contamination from outside sources. Whether you use biodiesel, straight petroleum-based diesel, or a blend of both, we have a testing solution to meet your needs.

Diesel fuel testing is indispensable for monitoring auxiliary and standby power systems in commercial and industrial applications.

ROKADE Group offers two packages for your hydraulics

1 Basis Industrial
2 Advance Industrial


Parameter Basic Industrial Advance Industrial
Physical & Chemical Properties Color X X
Viscosity 40,100 & VI X X
Flash Point
Oxidation/ Anti Wear X X
Contaminants Water X
Elements X
Fuel Dilution
Wear/ Particle Analysis Particle Count/ Size/ Shape NAS values X X
Elemental Analysis (21) Wear Metals, Contaminants, Additives X
Ferrous Counts/ DR X
Analytical Ferrography X

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