Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Professional

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Professional- Infrared Camera BALTECH TR-0180 ZORRO

BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro thermal imaging system is the most advanced innovative solution, with thermal, visual and interactive 3D images incorporated in one camera.

BALTECH is the first in the world market to develop this concept for effective thermal imaging - three types of images in one.


The large array 640x480 pixels give a high-quality thermal image from any distance without any limits. From any distance, even a small thermal spot with clear boundaries for exact position location can be viewed.


Full-format image - a built-in color digital video camera (5.0 megapixels) allows to create high-quality image of the object and the Picture- on- Picture function (POP) makes it possible to overlay the infrared image on the visual image or visual image on the infrared image. All it is needed is just to select the fusion mode in the infrared camera.


3D-video image - thermal imaging capacity becomes endless by using the 3D-video glasses. By connecting the 3D video- module one can perform the thermal imaging «Without barriers» strategy. The diagnostician can view even the most inaccessible objects from any location «without barriers», which makes the thermal imaging inspection even safer for the user.

This system is the most effective tool designed to perform technical inspection and energy audit. BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro has a wide range of temperature measurement from -20oC to + 1200oC. The array 640x480 allows using this infrared camera in any Industry, be it power industry, metallurgy, petrochemicals, paper industry, transportation, Engineering, to measure temperature of various objects, as well as for inspection of enclosing structures. This infrared camera is a very useful tool in medicine and defence industry, too.

The unique functions and capabilities of the BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro infrared camera:


Microbolometer (array) with high resolution (640x480 pixels)


Wide temperature measurement range (-20oC...+1200oC)


Interactive 3D-video module with multimedia functions


High temperature measurement sensitivity - 0,06oC


Folding color LCD 5 inch (800x480 pixels)


Fo?us adjustment: auto, motor or manual


Built- in color digital camera 5.0 megapixels


Built- in laser pointer


Built- in led lamp


Voice annotation (up to 60 s for every image)


Picture on Picture function


SD card - big memory (up to 5600 images)


BALTECH-Expert software for database storage and thermal image analysis


Interfaces- USB, video and audio


Infrared windows BALTECH TR-95W, TR-75W, TR-55W (set) - upon request


Tripod- upon request


Lenses- wide angle and narrow angle - upon request

3D-video, infrared camera and picture camera in one camera

The interactive 3D module (multimedia glasses) will help any specialist to view the images after the camera installation in hard-to-reach places. The high- quality thermal images can be taken by the built- in microbolometer with the resolution 640 x 480 pixels. Visual image can be taken at the same time (from one angle) in order to accurately locate the overheating place, heat loss during the energy audit.

Thermography specialists know that very often one operator performs the thermal diagnostics and another operator performs the analysis of the thermal images. Therefore, it is very useful to have the infrared and visual images taken from one angle. Any user of the BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro thermal imaging system can immediately see all its benefits, as there is no need to carry an additional picture camera or video camera.

The BALTECH-Expert professional software

BALTECH thermal imaging system is delivered together with the BALTECH-Expert professional software on CD for database storage and management. You can select any object in the software tree to view the history of the thermal images over the whole diagnostics period. The storage life and number of thermal images are unlimited.

This software is compatible with all types of the BALTECH TR ThermaRed Series infrared cameras and the additional functions of the vibration analysis, configuration of any selected parameter (pressure, consumption, current, voltage, etc.) expands opportunities for calculation of the residual life of the monitored object. A trend chart can be created for any additional parameter, as well as to set several types of the threshold values.

One can set the display parameters for every “view” of the object: maximum and minimum temperature, change the palette, change the isotherm, calculate a dew point, emissivity, change distance, change humidity parameters, as well as to build a temperature distribution bar chart on the infrared image.

Also, some particular area of the infrared image, "cut" round zone, rectangular zone or a straight line can be explored.

Automatic report can be generated for fast processing of a big number of the infrared images, in any convenient format (eg, Microsoft Word).

High quality images and big memory

High sensitivity of BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro thermal imaging system allows detecting temperature fluctuations on the object starting from 0.060?. The sensitivity of 0.060? is enough for performing any thermography tasks. The state-of-the-art microbolometer will help you to find even the smallest thermal spots (hot or cold) on the object or take the image even from a large distance (for example more than 1 km).

Changeable SD card (8G) allows storing up to 5600 JPEG images and if you have several memory cards, your opportunities become boundless. You can record a voice annotation for every thermal image up to 60 sec. During the data transfer to the BALTECH-Expert software the voice annotations are transferred automatically together with the corresponding infrared images. No need to spare time for searching the voice annotations.

For work and rest!

The new multimedia 3D video- module ZORRO - the most suitable module that supports various 3D formats.

The combination of the interesting multimedia work using BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro and pleasure from watching 3D video with a superb image quality and excellent stereo sound becomes possible with the introduction of the BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro thermal imaging system. The 3D video module Zorro enables viewing in a fantastic new world due to the high-contrast display, low weight, individual diopter settings with maximum convenience.

The original design of the Zorro video module allows covering the whole spectrum of the virtual world capabilities. With BALTECH new thermal imaging system the shooting in the bright sunlight can be performed without any problems.

Previously, all users of thermal imaging cameras had to put special protective hoods on screens and displays or to cover the screen with their hands to protect it from flecks of sunlight. But, now the Operator can wear glasses and see a high quality image. If you are traveling for business or leisure, you can always spend time efficiently with new video module. Low power consumption of the display unit and a built-in battery allows to use it without charge for several hours.

Additionally, the Zorro video module can be used in hard to reach objects that can be monitored only by a remote-controlled quadrocopter. Specially equipped helicopters of the Fire Engineering Service or Emergency Situations allow to get quickly an overview of the situation and make the right decision. The video - glasses have independent control and a built-in battery, which is charged regardless of the infrared camera within 30 minutes.

Additional options

BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro thermal imaging system is delivered with a standard built-in lens with a field of view of 24° x18°, which is suitable for most thermography purposes by using this lens. Sometimes you may need to take images of distant objects or vice versa just the whole object from a short distance. For this purpose, we recommend using an optional narrow-angle lens with a field of view of 6° x4.5° and wide-angle lens with a field of view of 48° x36°.

The standard delivery set includes two lithium-ion batteries. Upon request we can deliver you additional batteries.

For special tripods, if needed to shoot "from the shelter" or need to have a high- contrast thermal image and photo, please specify the height of the tripod required for a stationary shooting.

If you plan to perform a thermal diagnostic of a large number of electrical equipment kept in electrical cabinets, switchboards, control panels and other equipment hidden from direct access, we recommend ordering the infrared windows (IR windows) BALTECH TR-55W, BALTECH TR -75W or BALTECH TR-95W Series.

Technical Specifications

Item BALTECH TR-0180
Image Performance FOV/Min focus distance 24oc x 18oc / 0.6m (standard),
48oc x 36oc / 0.3m (option)),
6oc x 4.5oc/ 1.2m (option)
IFOV 0.65 mrad (24oc x 18oc)
NETD/Sensitivity < 0,06oc@30oc
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Focus Manual/Motor/Auto
Digital Zoom 1~8x continuous
Visual camera 5.0 mega pixel
Spotlight 10cd/m2
Image mode Thermal image, visual image, P-I-P , thermal fusion, W-I-W
Detector Data Detector type Uncooled FPA
IR resolution 640x480
Spectral range 8~14μm
Pixel pitch 25μm
Image Display Viewfinder 0.6" color OLED, with magnification
Display 5", 270oc tiltable LCD, 800x480 pixels
Multimedia video module 3D Video module display Two displays with high resolution (870 x 500 pixels)
Size of the virtual screen - 40 inch from the distance of 2m
Height-to-width aspect ratio 16:9
Angle of view 30o
3D support Horizontal, vertical interlaced stereo pair
Frame Packing 720p/1080p support
Dioptre Correction Adjustment of lens power in the range from -5 to +2 diopters separately for each eye.
Interpupillary distance 59-69 mm.
Resolutions and formats supported HDMI: 640x480p 60Hz, 720x576p 50Hz, 720x480p 60Hz, 1280x720p 50/60Hz,
1920x1080i 50/60Hz, 1920x1080p 50/60Hz, 1920x1080p 24Hz, HDMI 1.4 3D 1080p
24 Hz, HDMI 1.4 3D 720p 60Hz
Compatibility with iPod/iPhone Additional accessories are required
Inputs AV- input : 3,5mm / 4-pin connector for audio / video (PAL / NTSC) Mini -USB for charging a built-in battery
Measurement Temperature range -20oc ... +1200oc
Temperature accuracy ±2oc or ±2% of reading
Measurement correction Auto/Manual
Spotmeter 10 adjustable spots
Area 5 adjustable boxes with max./min./avg temperature value
Line profile Vertical/Horizontal
Isotherms analysis Capture high/low temperature/interval
Delta T Yes
Emissivity correction ajustable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from list of materials
Alarm Voice, color
Dew point alarm Yes
Color Palletes 12 palletes
Image adjustment Adjust contrast and brightness auto/manual
Setting function Date/time,temperatureerature unitoc/F/K,language
Background temperature correction Auto
Atmospheric transmissivity correction Auto
Languages 10 Languages(English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese)
Image Storage Storage type Built-in flash card, up to 700 radiometric JPEG images,8G SD card,up to >5600 radiometric JPEG images
Voice annotation 60s voice record, stored with per image via built-in microphone.
Periodic image storage User definited, 10s at least
Laser Point Grade/Type Class 2, 1mW/635nm Red
Power System Battery type Rechargeable and replaceable li-lion battary
Battery operating time 2.5 hours
Charging System In camera, AC adapter, car charger
AC supply 110~240V AC, 50/60Hz, 10~15V DC output
Power saving Auto shutdown(user defined)
Enviroment Parameters Operation temperature -20oc - +50oc
Storage temperature -20oc - +70oc
Humidity ≤95%?Non- condense?
Encapsulation IP54 ?IEC60529)
Shock 25G,IEC60068-2-29
Vibration 2G,IEC60068-2-6
Physical Data Size, L x W x H -20oc - +50oc
Weight 200*117*127mm
Interfaces USB Radiometric images transfer to and from PC
Video output CVBS
Audio output Yes
Power Yes
Tripod mounting 1/4" 20