Vibration Analyzer


A Vibration Analyzer is an instrument used to measure, store and diagnose the vibration produced by machinery. It uses FFT based tools to display the magnitude of the vibration as it varies over the frequency. The primary use is to identify and predict faults in industrial machines as well as the causes that originate them.

Vibration Analyzer
vibration analyzers

Measurements obtained by a vibration analyser typically identify parameters of vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement. In this way, vibration is recorded with great precision. Portable vibration analyser devices provide accuracy and mobility, allowing for vibration measurements to be taken effectively and conveniently in the field. Many vibration analyser products feature memories for storing vibration measurment data for further analysis.

The Best vibration analyzers are capable of saving measurements and organizing them for future analysis, thus, generating trends for each machine. These instruments are also known as data collectors.

A Vibration Analyzers is basically a computer that records vibration through one or more accelerometers. Vibration motion inside the accelerometer, is converted to an electrical current proportional to the acceleration. This signal is stored and processed in the computer to display its magnitude versus frequency with algorithm called FFT (Fast Fourier Transform).

Our Vibration Analyzer

Vibration Analyzer - DigivibeMX

Vibration Analyzer - DigivibeMX

Introducing the all new DigivibeMX Vibration Analyser, Data Collector & Balancing System from Erbessd Instruments, USA whom we are representing as an Exclusive All India Distributor.
Digivibe Wired / Wireless Vibration Analyser and Data Collector is replacing Analyzers all over the world. Its easy connectivity and fast data collection timings make it the most convenient solution for vibration analysis nowadays.

Vibration Analyzer - BALTECH

A Vibration Analyzer is used for testing and inspection in manufacturing production facilities, product development laboratories, construction sites and more. A vibration analyzer measures vibration for preventative maintenance of Machines. A vibration analyzer also is used to assess a machine's axis of rotation. If there is rotating unbalance, the rotor may be exchanged during a scheduled downtime of the machine.


When choosing a vibration analyzer, the following are the main features to focus in:

1. Number of input channels

2. Lines of resolution

3. Resolution

4. Frequency range

5. Additional functions like Balancing, ODS (3D simulations)

6. Types of sensors that it can handle

7. Portability

8. Technical support and spare parts

9. Price and Annual costs (if applied)

vibration analyzer

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