Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Temperature can be a sign of trouble ahead. With BALTECH thermal cameras you can detect issues before they become problems. Designed for everyday use, in the toughest industrial environments, BALTECH offers infrared cameras for a wide range of applications. The infrared cameras BALTECH ThermaRed Series are proposed to perform control and diagnostics of temperature fields of items (e.g. electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, energy audit of enclosing structures, transport, building quality, medicine, research activities).

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

The infrared cameras BALTECH TR are minimal cost and have an easy to understand interface, small size and low weight. All the models of the infrared cameras look like a video camera and comprise of a portable housing, lens, display and a focal plane array. The infrared cameras have several languages, which eliminates any language barriers. The cameras can be connected to PC by means of the BALTECH Expert software for thermal image analysis and database management.

Advantages of the BALTECH TR infrared cameras

Personnel safety during measurements

Equipment shutdown is not required

Preparation of a working place is not required

Large volume of worked performed per unit time

Defect defection at early stages

Diagnostics of all types of industrial equipment

Reliability and accuracy of the readings


Use of the infrared cameras in various industries (electrical, mechanical, thermal equipment)

Paper and wood industry

Construction industry

Transport (railway, aviation, shipbuilding)

Chemistry and petrochemistry

Power engineering


Road construction

Automobile industry

Agricultural industry

BALTECH TR application example in the construction industry

Energy audit of internal conditioning and ventilation systems

Energy audit of electrical and cable lines of buildings

Check of thermal insulation of floors, ceilings (roofs)

Quality control of thermal insulation of windows and doors

Diagnostics and energy audit of thermal insulation of materials and pipes

Energy audit of walls and enclosing structures

Diagnostics and energy audit of hidden leakages

Control of internal cracks

Energy audit of building equipment

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