Bearing Induction Heater HI-1670


BALTECH HI-1670 can be used for installation of gear drives and replacement of large bearings, rings and couplings resulting in qualitative assembling and dismantling of bearings and gear drives.

This instrument weighs 200 kg and can be used to heat large sized bearings of up to 560 kg with a minimum inner diameter of 60 mm and maximum outer diameter of 1020 mm. Both vertical and horizontal inducting heating of bearings and gears can be conducted.



Heating temperature control


High reliability assurance during hard routine work


Ease of use

Technical Specifications

Model BALTECH HI-1670
Nominal power , kVA 12
Voltage , V/Current,А 380/32
Frequency, Hz 50
Rotatable yoke Yes
Heated part
Maximum bearing weight, kg 560
Minimum inner diameter d, mm 60
Maximum outer diameter D, mm 1020
W, mm 380
H, mm 250
Yoke dimensions
Yoke width, mm 40;60;85
Yoke length, mm 600
Control panel
Temperature setting, °С
Maximum temperature, °С
Automatic power reduction Yes
Dimensions, mm 1390х600х1080
Heater weight (without yoke), kg 200