Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter BALTECH VP-3410

The vibration control is easily performed by the vibration meter BALTECH VP-3410. This vibration meter is designed to conduct an overall vibration measurement (vibration displacement, vibration velocity, vibration acceleration) according to ISO: 10816. A lightweight display unit has an external vibration sensor with a cable.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Value
Measurement range
Peak Vibration acceleration, m/s2
Vibration velocity, mm/s
Peak - Peak Vibration displacement, um
from 1 to 199,9
from 1 to 199,9
from 1 to 1999
Operation frequency range, Hz
At measurement of acceleration
At measurement of RMS velocity
At measurement of displacement
from 10 to 1000;
from 1000 to 10000
from 10 to 1000
from 10 to 500
Measurement error of the Vibration Acceleration at the reference frequency 160 Hz and the Vibration velocity at the reference frequency 80 Hz ±2dgt
Measurement error of the Vibration displacement at the reference frequency 45 Hz ±2 dgt
±(0,06*x), where x – vibration value
Continuous operation time, h 25
Operation temperature range, ºC 0-50
Dimensions, mm 138×68×30
Weight, g 270