Vibration Shock Pulse Meter

Vibration Shock Pulse Meter BALTECH VP-3450

Bearing check and control are efficiently performed by the shock pulse method. The portable device BALTECH VP-3450 is designed to control a vibration level of rolling element bearings and lubricant condition in a bearing assembly. A bearing condition is evaluated by a color scale: green- good, yellow- warning, red- defect. Critical frequencies that can cause damage or create disturbing noise levels can be detected.

Technical Specifications

Vibration meter BALTECH VP-3450
Parameters shock pulses
Measurement range -9-99 dBsv
Resolution 1 dBsv
Measurement error ±2 dBsv
Display LCD
Power supply 6 x 1.5V LR6
Keyboard Film
Operation temperature range 0oC...+50°C
Environment conditions Relative humidity:< 80%
Dimensions (W×L×H), mm 255×105×60
Housing material ABS plastic
Weight of the electronic unit 800g